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Are you looking for an expert server recovery service in Sydney? At Zero Effort Backups we specialise in Backup Disaster Recovery and Remote Server Backup solutions. Our focus is to maintain and enhance business continuity through a managed backup service and exchange disaster recovery solution that is customised to your business’ needs.

We have a number of standard server recovery offerings that will suit everyone from a small 10 user organisation up to exchange disaster recover solutions that are used by listed public companies.

These solutions can be customised to ensure they exactly fit your server recovery requirements and budget.

Every business needs Zero Effort Backup server recovery service, Sydney


Byrons Chartered Accountants

The partners were keen to have a Disaster Recovery Plan that exceeded ASIC's minimum requirements. Over time we had examined a number of options that were not suitable: either beyond our budget, or provided the base facilities but required us to restore our system from scratch onto their "bare metal" hardware.

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What we offer

Dedicated Standby Server(s)
This server recovery option is intended for a business with a single (or multiple servers) and typically 10 or more staff reliant on the organisations servers to do their work. Your Standby Server(s) are available within 4 hours.

High Availability
Typically this is an exchange disaster recovery option for a business with multiple servers and more than 50 staff reliant on the computer network to perform their duties. Alternatively you may have a web server generating income 24/7. Standby Server(s) are available within 10 - 15 minutes.

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