The importance of Business Continuity Planning and Management

Business continuity planning is essential for every business. Why? Research shows that every year approximately 1 in 500 businesses will experience a severe disaster without server recovery procedures and a backup service. Due to a lack of preparation and proper business continuity planning, of those businesses that experience a disaster, roughly 1 in 4 will never re-open and of those that do re-open, 1 in 3 will close within 2 years. Protect your business today with Zero Effort Backup - the experts who help you avoid a business continuity disaster, Sydney.

What is Business Continuity Management?

Business Continuity Management or a Business Continuity Plan, is a management process aimed at allowing an organisation to continue to function during a disaster, rather than simply trying to recover after a disaster has occurred. This kind of business continuity disaster recovery plan allows your business to come out of an IT mishap relatively unscathed and with little or no impact on your clientele.


Battery Energy

It is imperative that Battery Energy has a strong IT capability but the business is of a size where it is not commercially viable to maintain an in-house IT capability.

Battery Energy has been using ZEN for over 6 years for the outsourced provision of IT support and off-site backup.

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What we offer

We will work with you to develop a Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan that will provide a road map for your organisation to follow in the event of a major outage.

Depending on your in-house expertise, we can be involved on a consultative basis or our specialists can design a comprehensive blue-print for your organisation, so that you can restore your business infrastructure and resume critical business operations without delay.

How does Zero Effort Backups implement Business Continuity Plans?

The business continuity plan will be designed and established to cater specifically to you businesses needs. Basically, we will work with you to develop a Disaster Recovery Plan that will provide a road map for your organisation to follow in the event of a major outage.

Avoid a business continuity disaster in Sydney today with Zero Effort backup!

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