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We used to have a tape backup system in place. As a backup solution it was far from ideal as the tape drive did not have the capacity to backup all our data onto a single tape which meant that we had to implement a "selective" backup.

Plus on top of that because the tape had to be changed nightly, we generally missed at least one backup per fortnight. We never did a test restore of the whole system to verify that in the event of a 'disaster' we could rely on our backups to rebuild our system.

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The Backup System has the following features:

  • Once the Backup System is setup, the operation is completely automatic; the computer does all the work.
  • No tapes to change.
  • Automatic off-site copy of the data; no need to ensure that backup media is rotated off-site.
  • Backups (particularly off-site) can be encrypted with AES, so that your data is secure. No one can read your files except for you.
  • Scalable. Systems can be designed with sufficient capacity to backup todays servers, with the ability to increase storage capacity as needed.
  • Easy to understand reporting, so that you know at a glance if the backup completed successfully, or if there was a problem.
  • Managed. Our engineers monitor the reporting so that any issues are highlighted and resolved promptly.
  • Affordable. As the design is modular, we can tailor a Backup System to your individual needs and budget read more

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