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Wondering if you really need to invest in data back up and disaster recovery software? Well, imagine coming to work and finding that all of your data is gone and knowing you had not invested in a backup service or disaster recovery software.

Thatís everything GONE: e-mail, documents, spreadsheets, the accounts, quotes - everything.

What would you do if all of your staff were unable to work for days while you waited for the data to be recovered? How would you maintain business continuity and how would your business cope without quality data back up? The cost of failing to have server backup and IT disaster recovery in terms of lost productivity – or worse lost reputation – could be substantial.

Organisations are very dependent on their IT infrastructure and business continuity arrangements to support their critical business processes and deliver competitive advantage &ndash investing in the right exchange disaster recovery is essential if your business is to prosper in a competitive business world.



Royal Wolf

When we undertook a major review of our IT Disaster Recovery arrangements we sought proposals from a number of vendors. It was an interesting experience, some of the vendors offered to charge us to for their time just to prepare their proposal !!, while the budget for some of the other proposals were just astronomical

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What we offer

Professional disaster recovery services

Zero Effort Backups is an experienced business continuity and IT disaster recovery service provider that provides a range of affordable "enterprise" solutions to SME organisations on a budget.

- Our proven track record provides the assurance and safety-net that you need.

- Access to independent expert advice to assist in the design and implementation of your Business Continuity and disaster recovery planning.

- We provide a managed backup service and solution. We don't just sell you a system and then leave you to handle a server disaster recovery situation on your own. As part of our disaster recovery planning service we work with you to design, implement and then manage your Business Continuity Plan.

- A range of affordable data disaster recovery and server backup options that scale from SME organisations with a single server and less than 10 staff to businesses with multiple servers and 100 plus staff.

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